Friday, November 11, 2016

Kentucky Academy of Science Presentations on NSF REU Fiji and the Parker Academy Project Win Awards!

The Kentucky Academy of Science ( meetings were hosted in Louisville this year on November 4-5. Several students who have worked on the Parker Academy project and the NSF REU Fiji program presented papers and posters.

Award winners include:
1st place graduate paper: Kendra Hein  (Paper title: Past and Present Use of Plants in Fijian Culture: An Ethnoarchaeological Approach)
2nd place undergraduate poster: Eleanor Kremer (The Successes and Limitations of a Microfinance Program in a Fijian Village: An Ethnographic Case Study)
3rd place undergraduate poster: Sage Boyers and Liza Vance (Harmony & Harvest at the 1839 Parker Academy)


Friday, June 17, 2016

The Parker Academy Project is Featured in NKU's Magazine
Pages 22-27 include a feature on the Parker Academy Project.

Download NKU's Magazine for Spring and Summer, 2016 to explore the Parker Academy Project ( ). This feature includes text by Dr. Sharyn Jones, Dr. Brian Hackett, and Dr. William Landon. The beautiful photos were taken by Tim Sofranko.

Check out project updates on our work via Instagram ( ) and the Parker Academy Blog ( ).