Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Anthropology Club will meet Friday, March 9 at 11am at the Honors Building beside the School of Business. At this meeting the club will work on their mission statement, purpose, and design a constitution. Meetings usually last for a half an hour. This is an excellent opportunity for any students interested in the club to come meet the officers and add input. Students need not be Anthropology majors to attend or join the club. In fact, the club is actively seeking membership from many majors (Social Work, History, International Studies, Anthropology etc.). Some of the exciting activities they have planned include:

- Making contacts with Birmingham inner city schools to present information about anthropology (we will offer slide shows, films, lectures, etc.).
-Meeting with local High school faculty members to help promote anthropology as a major at the high school level.
-Visiting the Civil Rights Institute on March 31st (http://www.bcri.org/index.html)
-Visiting the Southern Museum of Flight on April 7th (http://www.southernmuseumofflight.org/)

Photo of Sloss iron gate (by S.Jones)

Sloss Furnaces (by S.Jones)

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