Monday, March 24, 2008

Inshore Fishing in Lau: A Documentary Video

A basket of fish collected by women and children in the inshore area on the island of Lakeba, Lau Group, Fiji (photo by S. Jones).

The documentary film below focuses on a traditional Fijian fishing method called “vono”. In modern Fiji, this method is only practiced in the Lau Group on the island of Lakeba. Like all inshore fishing traditionally done in Fiji, this complex net fishing method is organized and run entirely by women. This film follows an elder fisher woman and her successors during a rare cultural event that has changed little since it originated.

This film was written and produced by Joseph Ortega and Sharyn Jones; Joseph Ortega did the filming, editing, narration, animation, and organized the sound track. Michael Hanson took the still photos.
This video can also be viewed at Google Video:

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