Friday, October 14, 2011

New Peace Program at UAB!

In honor of September's Peace Day and a new program in Peace, Social Justice and the Environment at UAB, I have listed some web resources below which are related to these themes.

Buddhas at Bayon, Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Photo by S.Jones
 First, check out our ANTHRO-TEACH post on Peace.

For UAB's May-term I will offer a Study Away program to India, focused on "A Culture of Peace." Students and I will be working with ANEC (the Active Nonviolence Education Center) in Dharamsala, India to provide training and volunteer work focused on nonviolence, environmental issues, peace, and social action. Contact me if you are interested ( Students can receive up to 6 credit hours at UAB for this three week course. This study away will fulfill the requirements for a minor in Peace, Social Justice and Environment. 

A street scene in Delhi, India. Photo by S. Jones

Thich Nhat Hanh, perhaps one of the best living representatives for peace and peaceful living just visited the region for a retreat at the Magnolia Grove Monastery in Mississippi. Here is a link to some of his poems on peace.

Finally, Les Sponsel's of the Anthropology Department at University of Hawai'i has a wonderful website that deals with issues of Historical Ecology, Region, Peace, and Anthropology. The website for Peaceful Societies also provides information on cross cultural alternatives to violence and war.