Tuesday, February 24, 2015

NSF REU Fellow, Stephanie Zach's display of Fijian Cultural Items

2014 NSF REU fellow Stephanie Zach created three showcases displaying cultural artifacts used in everyday Fijian life.  These items are encased on the 2nd floor of the Landrum Academic Center at NKU.

**Kava (yaqona) root is a mild narcotic that is drunk by Fijians to celebrate, perform ceremonies, and/or to facilitate social gatherings.
Items above: Kava root (left), kava bowl (center), kava bowl used by priests (right).

**Meke is a traditional style of dance and music performed by Fijians on various occasions to tell ancestral stories and histories, legends, and the spirit of the islands.

Items used during meke ceremonies: palm frond fan and noise makers made out of seed pods.
**Masi (or bark cloth) is made from the pulp of the mulberry tree, decorated, and worn during important ceremonies like weddings, funerals, and the birth of babies.

This piece of masi was created by the Lau group and is part of a traditional wedding costume (this is be worn by both the bride and groom).

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