Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Dr. Sharyn Jones’ New Book Released: 

“The Domesticated Penis: How Womanhood Shaped Manhood”

"The Domesticated Penis is a study of the anatomical
distinctiveness of the genitals of the human male and diverse cultural
attitudes toward them and their symbolism. This is scholarship at its
liveliest: a colorful, knowledgeable romp through history and across
cultures and species, to explore how the penis we know and (mostly) love
 today developed its characteristic shape, size, physiology, and
behavior. The core argument is evolutionary: ancient women knew what
they wanted, and what they wanted was smooth, substantial, long-lasting
penetration. Male anatomy evolved to match female desire."


  -Beth A. Conklin, author of Consuming Grief: Compassionate Cannibalism in
an Amazonian Society

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