Tuesday, December 01, 2015

NSF REU Fiji Fellows Participate in Public Outreach and Education at the Baker Hunt Arts and Cultural Center

This August NSF REU Fiji Fellows went to the Baker Hunt Arts Cultural Center to help educate those interested in their research in Fiji.

The people of the islands of Fiji depend on the ocean for their everyday needs. This summer 6 students from Northern Kentucky University lived in the small village of Nasinu, located in Natewa Bay on the island of Vanua Levu. They sought  to understand the way Fijians use the Bay's reef systems. The students conducted ethnography, the study of another culture through direct participation and observation. Through a series of interviews, participation in daily activities, and the observation of daily village life, the team learned about the use of the ocean and how this has been affected by an increased reliance on fishing over a series of decades. Meet with the team and learn about a Fijian way of life from interactive stations about traditional ecological knowledge.

Learn more about the NSF REU Fiji project at: http://reu-fiji.org/
The Baker Arts and Cultural Center website:  http://bakerhunt.org

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