Friday, November 11, 2016

Kentucky Academy of Science Presentations on NSF REU Fiji and the Parker Academy Project Win Awards!

The Kentucky Academy of Science ( meetings were hosted in Louisville this year on November 4-5. Several students who have worked on the Parker Academy project and the NSF REU Fiji program presented papers and posters.

Award winners include:
1st place graduate paper: Kendra Hein  (Paper title: Past and Present Use of Plants in Fijian Culture: An Ethnoarchaeological Approach)
2nd place undergraduate poster: Eleanor Kremer (The Successes and Limitations of a Microfinance Program in a Fijian Village: An Ethnographic Case Study)
3rd place undergraduate poster: Sage Boyers and Liza Vance (Harmony & Harvest at the 1839 Parker Academy)


Friday, June 17, 2016

The Parker Academy Project is Featured in NKU's Magazine
Pages 22-27 include a feature on the Parker Academy Project.

Download NKU's Magazine for Spring and Summer, 2016 to explore the Parker Academy Project ( ). This feature includes text by Dr. Sharyn Jones, Dr. Brian Hackett, and Dr. William Landon. The beautiful photos were taken by Tim Sofranko.

Check out project updates on our work via Instagram ( ) and the Parker Academy Blog ( ).

Choice Recommends our book!

Choice recommends The Domesticated Penis by Lori Cormier and Sharyn Jones

See the full review by J. R. Mitrano here:

Choice is a magazine published by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). Is the premier source for reviews of academic books, electronic media, and Internet resources of interest to those in higher education.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

The Women of Wonder event at the Cincinnati Observatory --Women in STEM


Students from NKU's Public History program teamed up with the Cincinnati Observatory this Spring to create an event to celebrated women's contributions to STEM. This was intended to inspire young women ages 11 to 13 to get involved in the sciences. The event had over a hundred visitors and was a great success.
Student Katie Ragland at the archaeology display.

Dr. Jones' display

The day long event on April 30th included free science activities and programs such as:

-Special appearance by WCPO news meteorologist Sherry Hughes
- Program by the Cincinnati Chapter of the Association of Women in Science
-MakerSpace with the Public Library of Hamilton County and Cincinnati
-The Cincinnati Museum Center’s Museum of Natural History and Science GIRLS Program
-Demonstration from the Cincinnati Art Museum’s conservatory, Kelly Schultz; and Web + Digital Media Manger Nicole Kroger.
-A demonstration by Archaeologist Dr. Sharyn Jones and students.
-Representatives of the Know Theater (Tamara Winters) and their production of Silent Sky, about Harvard’s first female astronomers.
-Veterinary programs by Dr. Francine Lieble.
-Programs by NKU’s Geology Club
-Native American Constellation Games and Storytelling with Northern Kentucky University’s Steve Moon
-Underground Railroad Constellation Navigation with National Underground Railroad Freedom Center’s Chris Miller
-Box Stonehenge Program
-Remote control Mars Rover races.

This event was free and open to Observatory members, students, and the public. 

Public History faculty and students explaining the event to visitors.

NKU filmmakers and visitors.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Parker Academy Excavations Continue -- News Update

Under the direction of Dr. Sharyn Jones and with assistance from Dr. Brian Hackett and Dr. Peggy Brunache, NKU students are working at the Parker Academy site in New Richmond Ohio in May.  We have a new Instagram and Parker Academy website.

Check these out to follow our work and progress:

News Update:

Dr. Peggy Brunache has received a prestigious Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship to direct future excavations and public outreach and engagement at the Parker Academy site. Peggy will also be digging into the archives and collaborating with the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.  She will collaborate with Dr.'s Jones, Landon, and Hackett as well as faculty and staff at the Freedom Center in Cincinnati. This is the first support that NKU has received in association with the Ford Foundation.  Peggy is a food historian and historical archaeologist who has worked all over the world on archaeological sites associated with slavery and historical archaeology. She is also a regular contributor to BBC and has been a guest on the Food Network. Congratulations Peggy!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Press about The Domesticated Penis by Cormier and Jones
The Telegraph recently published an essay by Lori Cormier entitled: "Men - your penis only looks like it does because of women're welcome," where she discusses our book (The Domesticated Penis: How Womanhood Has Shaped Manhood) and female choice that directed human evolution.