Friday, November 11, 2016

Kentucky Academy of Science Presentations on NSF REU Fiji and the Parker Academy Project Win Awards!

The Kentucky Academy of Science ( meetings were hosted in Louisville this year on November 4-5. Several students who have worked on the Parker Academy project and the NSF REU Fiji program presented papers and posters.

Award winners include:
1st place graduate paper: Kendra Hein  (Paper title: Past and Present Use of Plants in Fijian Culture: An Ethnoarchaeological Approach)
2nd place undergraduate poster: Eleanor Kremer (The Successes and Limitations of a Microfinance Program in a Fijian Village: An Ethnographic Case Study)
3rd place undergraduate poster: Sage Boyers and Liza Vance (Harmony & Harvest at the 1839 Parker Academy)


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